Wednesday 23 May from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm

This is an hour-long, one-woman show starring actress Alexis Leighton and explores in readings and monologues the life of Charlotte Payne-Townshend: Feminist, Fabian and wife to George Bernard Shaw. The script is drawn almost entirely from the writings and letters of Charlotte, Shaw and others in her life including Beatrice Webb, Mrs Patrick Campbell and T.E .Lawrence

Charlotte was in many ways a remarkable woman. Like Shaw, she was a Protestant from Ireland ,but born into incredible wealth, she developed a strong sense of social responsibility and was passionate about alleviating poverty and promoting Women's Education, as well as supporting the Suffragette movement. She financed the establishment library at the London School of Economics . 

Her marriage to Shaw was unconventional to say the least, and not without tribulation, but it lasted over forty years and Shaw once said he could never have married anyone else.

MRS SHAW HERSELF uses incidental music on Celtic Harp for this most unusual of Irish love-stories.


Free but donations welcome, no booking required.