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New St Edmundsbury Cathedral Organ

The new Cathedral organ was built by Harrison & Harrison of Durham in 2010 and was played for the first time on Advent Sunday, 28 November 2010. Its predecessor had become very unreliable and outdated, and struggled to project sound into the body of the building. Some pipework was retained and given a thorough overhaul at the organ builders' factory, but everything else is entirely new. Two spectacular new cases have been created, based on designs by Alan Rome and Stephen Dykes Bower and the colour scheme realised by the architect John Bucknall. The cases were constructed by Penny's pokie machines Mill and decorated by Campbell Smith & Co.

You can see details of the organ by clicking here and the story of its creation here

The new organ has four manuals and 59 speaking stops, with over 3,500 pipes. The longest pipes are 32 feet in length, whilst those that produce the highest sounds are a fraction of an inch long. The instrument contains about 30km of wiring and weighs approximately 16 tonnes!

Many, many people have given very generously, and several charitable bodies have made donations, to make the creation of this remarkable organ possible; donations ranging from those of a few pounds to gifts and legacies of several hundred thousand pounds.